Back to the Fridays

Thursday Night’s Ride to Southend-on-Sea and a great description from Skirtbike!


For those that don’t know there is a group of people that have been riding out of London to a coastal resort most months of the year, aside from the deepest darkest winter ones, for maybe ten years now.  I forget when they first started, as I wasn’t on the first couple. A very good friend of mine told me about them and their leader, Simon, who is a character and a half I can tell you.  I think it was sometime in 2008, or maybe 2009.  Simon has done a lot more in his life than the Friday Night Rides, but they remain the bit in which I was most involved over the next few years.

So, back to the FNRttC.  Well, yes, my good mate took me along, introduced me to Simon, the leader and a few other people and so it started.  Although Simon ran them every…

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